Cougar Puri Mini DSA 60% 機械式遊戲鍵盤 (紅軸)(包送順豐站)

Cougar Puri Mini DSA 60% 機械式遊戲鍵盤 (紅軸)(包送順豐站)


Cougar Puri Mini DSA 60% 機械式遊戲鍵盤 (紅軸)


PURI MINI - Compact 60% DSA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Increase your power on the battlefield with the Puri Mini 60% mechanical gaming keyboard! Features skilled craftsmanship, premium materials and minimalist design, this amazing gear accompanies you to achieve victory at every battle. Effortlessly take it anywhere with the compact form factor!


Designed with a 60% form factor, Puri Mini is great to save you a lot of space on your desk and easily move anywhere. Its compact design allows you to easily position the keyboard and leave more room for your mouse to have a more comfortable and ergonomic posture for gaming.


DSA profile keycaps are ball shape, which is perfect to fit the shape of fingers. The spacing between keycaps is bigger thanks to the small surface of keycaps, preventing you from pressing the wrong button. Moreover, DSA keycaps are ideal for gaming due to their low profile. The height of keycaps is consistent to give you a clean look and minimalist style.

Doubleshot PBT Ball Shape Keycaps

With Textured Feel and Greater Durability

Puri Mini is meticulously crafted from premium materials for greater durability. Equipped with Doubleshot PBT keycaps, the keyboard is tougher and wear-resistant. The key labels will not wear off over time. The keycaps are matte and shine-resistant, making Puri Mini elegant and textured.


Mechanical Red Switches

Smooth, Soft and Silent
  • Operating Force: 45g
  • Actuation Point:2 mm
  • Travel Distance:4 mm

  • Product Name
  • COUGAR PURI MINI Gaming Keyboard
  • Keycaps
  • PBT Doubleshot Ball Shape Keycaps / PBT2 / PBT2
  • Switches
  • Mechanical
  • Lube Switches
  • Yes
  • Anti-ghosting keys
  • N-Key Rollover
  • Magnetic Protective Cover
  • Yes
  • Sound Absorbing Foam
  • 2 layers
  • On-board Memory
  • 3 Profiles (Lighting & Macro)
  • Backlight
  • 6 Underglow effects
  • Software
  • Interface
  • USB plug / USB Type-C
  • Cable length
  • 1.8m
  • Weight
  • 678g
  • Dimension (LxWxH)
  • 295 x 121 x 38.4 (mm)
  • 11.6 x 4.8 x 1.5 (in)