Steelseries Rival 3 光學滑鼠

Steelseries Rival 3 光學滑鼠


Outshine the Competition

Using the same cutting-edge technology as our pro line of gaming products, including brilliant Prism lighting, a new performance-focused sensor, and unreal levels of durability, the Rival 3 was made for gaming.

TrueMove Core Sensor

Enjoy true 1-to-1 tracking in a lightweight sensor designed specifically for Rival 3. With a range from 100 to 8,500 CPI (counts per inch), you can play with stunning accuracy, speed, and consistency.


With high-grade polymer and the same 60 million click switches as our most expensive mice, every component has been engineered from the ground up with hyper-durable materials intended to last for years.


Lightweight materials in an ergonomic shape help to reduce strain on your hand and shoulder, providing effortless comfort for hours of intense gameplay.

On-Board Memory

On-board memory allows you to save polling rate, keybinds, and 5 CPIs directly on the mouse, making it easy to have the perfect settings from game to game and on-the-go.

Glow Up

Best-in-class affordable products with SteelSeries' cutting-edge innovation and premium performance.


SteelSeries Engine Software unlocks an impressive arsenal of Engine Apps that make customization of the 3-zone RGB lighting easy and intuitive. The Discord and GameSense Engine Apps allow for chat notifications, in-game events, and more.


The right-handed shape of the Rival 3 is designed for a player' s highest demand for comfort. Whether you deploy a claw or fingertip grip the shape will provide perfect comfort for long and intense gaming sessions.



  • 採用耐用材料
  • 可達 6,000 萬次點擊的 SteelSeries 機械式按鍵
  • 輕便及人體工學設計
  • Brilliant Prism lighting with 3 zones of 16.8 million beautifully crisp colors
  • TrueMove Core optical gaming sensor with true 1-to-1 tracking



  • 感應器: SteelSeries TrueMove Core
  • 感應器: 光學
  • CPI: 100–8,500 以 100 CPI 增量單位
  • IPS: 300, 在 SteelSeries QcK 表面
  • 加速: 35G
  • 滑鼠輪詢速率: 1000Hz 1 ms
  • 硬體加速: 無


  • 外殼材料: 黑色啞面
  • 主要材料: ABS 塑膠
  • 形狀: 人體工學設計
  • 按鈕數: 6
  • 按鍵類型: 經計算可達 6,000 萬次點擊的 SteelSeries 機械式按鍵
  • 背光: 3 RGB 區域,獨立控制
  • 重量: 77g without cable
  • 尺寸 (長 x 闊 x 高): 120.6 x 58.3 x 21.5 mm
  • 電線長度: 1.8m


  • Windows, Mac, Xbox 與 Linux
  • USB連接


  • SteelSeries Engine 3.15.1+, Windows (7 或以上) 及 Mac OSX (10.12 或以上)