JamesDonkey S1 Cyan Low Profile TKL 機械式矮軸遊戲鍵盤 (茶軸)

JamesDonkey S1 Cyan Low Profile TKL 機械式矮軸遊戲鍵盤 (茶軸)



This 75% arrangement features 82 keys, offering most of the functionality of a full-sized keyboard while boasting a slim, space-saving design. An aluminum-alloy chassis further contributes to its low-profile, lightweight look and feel. Additionally, it offers three connection modes for convenience: 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth wireless, and USB wired.

Cute & Ergonomic Low-Profile Design

  • Low-profile keyboards are in trend, these are ergonomic and are quite easy to use. With a lowered height, we get specially customized low-profile keycaps and low-profile mechanical switches. Typing on a low-profile keyboard is usually faster with small key travel, and they are also ergonomic. JamesDonkey S1 is a precisely crafted keyboard suitable for different scenarios, be it your office system or a gaming setup, the S1 will find its place in both.

Compact 75% layout

  • JamesDonkey has designed the S1 keyboard with a compact 75% arrangement. The keyboard has an 82-key layout. JamesDonkey has customized the layout for a more comfortable experience.

Versatile Connection Modes

  • Connect the JamesDonkey S1 keyboard with your choice of source device with ease. The keyboard supports a convenient three-mode connectivity function supporting Wireless Bluetooth, Wireless 2.4GHz, and Wired USB connection modes.

Comfortable Typing

  • Further enhancing the typing comfort with the low-profile design, is a properly designed padded internal structure. The JamesDonkey S1 keyboard has silicone padding between the positioning plate, PCB, and mechanical switches. The keyboard also has EVA Foam bottom padding for enhanced acoustics.

Clean & Smooth Backlight

  • JamesDonkey S1 low-profile keyboard has a clear and smooth white-coloured backlight. The backlight has 17 different lighting modes to help you customize your experience with the keyboard.

Incredible Battery Life

  • JamesDonkey S1 low-profile keyboard houses a large-capacity 2000mAh battery that provides an incredible battery life for the keyboard.