EPOS GSX 1000 2nd Edition 外置音效卡(with EPOS 7.1立體聲)

EPOS GSX 1000 2nd Edition 外置音效卡(with EPOS 7.1立體聲)



  • Instantly Personalize Your Audio
  • EPOS 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Separate Audio And Chat Streams
  • Windows-Synced Volume Ring With LED
  • Custom EPOS Engineered EQ Presets


Take Control of Your Game Audio
Separate control over game audio and chat streams allows you to adjust the mix on the fly, ensuring communications can cut through the chaos of battle. Customize your game audio with features like surround sound, reverbation, customized EQ and directional sound while your chat sound remains clear and unprocessed.

Gaming Has Never Felt This Good
The proprietary, best-in-class high-tech audio engine delivers exceptional immersion with enhanced audio performance. Deep but natural bass, accurate mids and clear high frequencies deliver the game audio detail and precise positional cues for instant reactions and an immersive game experience.  Switched on by the click on the LED.

Customize Your Gaming Experience
Specially tuned audio presets – story, music, esports and neutral – focus and balance sound frequencies where they are needed, and act as a starting point for your own custom profiles. Set reverberation level to your preference for precise spatial awareness.