Creative GigaWorks T40 II 立體聲藍牙喇叭


Creative GigaWorks T40 II 立體聲藍牙喇叭

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Each sonically refined satellite speaker features an expressive tweeter and a high-performance mid-range driver to recreate a realistic live musical experience in your home or music studio.

Audiophile Design

The new Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) audiophile design delivers smoother performance for your enjoyment. Create the ultimate audiophile experience on your desktop today.

Cloth Dome Tweeter

A dedicated high frequency driver that gives you low distortion and wide dispersion for all the high notes in your music.

Dual Woven Glass Fiber Cone

These mid range drivers can withstand high temperature and humidity levels without affecting its damping properties.

BasXPort Technology

The BasXPort is acoustically engineered to enhance the lower frequency range by efficiently channelling sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. This allows the speaker to deliver a more pronounced mid-range for a warmer, more natural playback.

Convenient Access to Key Functions

Get the bass, treble and volume you want with the easily manoeuvred controls. For private listening, simply plug in your headphones.

Extend Your Entertainment Options

The dual RCA-to-stereo adapter lets you connect the speakers to your LCD TV, DVD player or gaming console and enjoy solid audio entertainment immediately.


      • 提供卓越的動態與豐富的擴展低音
      • 具有雙編織玻璃纖維驅動器的絲綢圓頂高音單元
      • 全新的設計和風格
      • 雙向,3驅動揚聲器設計
      • 專門的高頻驅動器
      • 雙編玻璃纖維錐中檔驅動器可承受高溫和高濕度而不影響性能。
      • 通過聲學設計,有效地將聲波從內腔傳播到聲場來增強較低的頻率範圍。


      • 顏色:黑色
      • Design:MTM (Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange) Design
      • 尺寸(H x W x D):313.0 x 88.0 x 143.0 mm
      • System Configuration:2.0 system
      • 頻率響應:55Hz-20kHz
      • 連接:Line-In, AUX-in


      • A pair of stereo speakers
      • Stereo-to-stereo cable (2m)
      • Dual RCA-to-stereo Adapter (TV adapter)
      • AC power adapter
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Warranty and Technical Support Booklet